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Fly Hunter
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"The imagination conjures gifts; what the ungrateful, unsentimental part of the mind has to do is unwrap them . . . see them for what they are and then alter them." - Rose Tremain

Today's adventure takes place in the wilds of the apartment. Bailey being the ever vigilant cat that he is has spied a fly. How a fly got into the dwelling is beyond me since we don't have a screen door, the front door is never open that long.

Bailey went into stealth mode: crouching low to the floor, his ears are flat, and his eyes are following the fly. In a moment of pure energy Bailey leaps into the air for the fly but misses.

Gathering himself again, Bailey stocks the fly to the kitchen then into the dining room. Bailey lunges again as he spied the fly by the slider door. Once again he is deprived of his prey.

The fly knowing he is under attack has moved to the realms of the ceiling. Not to be thwarted, Bailey climbs the post into his crow's nest and there he waits for the perfect moment. Bailey has hunkered down in his perch, nothing to be seen but his ears and eyes as he follows the fly.

Then the fly comes perilously close to the crow's nest. Bailey is ready and leaps into the air. Mind you the cat tree is 5.5 feet tall. The fly has Lady Luck on his/her side and Bailey misses.

Bailey collects himself, looks around, glad that no one was present for this spectacle. Slowly he follows the fly, ever mindful of his surroundings, and when the fly least suspects it, Bailey lunges and devours said fly.

With a look on his face that says I am king of all that I survey, he begins to groom his paw in pleasure.

Thus is a tale of Bailey the Bold.

mz. em

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