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A Day of Rest
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I so did not want to get up this morning when the alarm went off. Bailey wasn't even out of bed. But, I did arise and get ready for church. As much as I grumble, I am happy about going to church once I get going.

It was so foggy out this morning I had to use the wipers because of the heavy mist. It was lovely though and cool.

Today's sermon was good as Reverend Stephen read a piece from John referring to Jesus' taking of food. Rev. Stephen said the one thing between the Books of Luke and John had in common was the apostles were terrified. Because of this, Jesus asks them to look at his hands and feet.

Rev. Stephen then held out his hands and described the scars on his hands and how he came to get them. He also shared how he knew his congregants by their hands as they were held out for the host.

I rather liked this sermon because not only is it a story of Jesus but also a story about us. To look at our own hands and feet and see the evidence of the life we are living. I have scars and aches and pains from various things I have done. My feet have walked many a mile. I have bunion like my Great Aunt Alicia only not as bad and I only have the one. Thank heavens.

With this, going back to the scripture, Jesus is asking the apostles to not only look at the wounds of his hands and feet but of the times he healed someone, blessed someone and fed someone. Back in those days' folks wore sandals, if they had them, but at days end and settling in for the evening, they washed their feet together.

Do we recognize our own hands and feet? Would we even recognize our families', friends' and neighbor's hands and feet? At best we know our own but in today's times, when do we pay attention to the hands and feet of others?

Okay, I will step down from my soap box.

I read this on some page and just had to share this quote. I believe it to be true.

Allen Ginsberg once wrote:
"Something I learned from Kerouac... was that spontaneous writing could be embarrassing.... The cure for that is to write things down which you will not publish and which you won't show people. To write secretly... so you can actually be free to say anything you want."

I have been attempting to take Sunday as a day of rest. I try not to plan any big projects. A little puttering here and there but a day of napping, reading, listening to music, or such as today, watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs! Go Boston Bruins!

mz. em

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