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New Beginnings
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These days, at least since I began reading my blood glucose level, I have not been waking up in a good mood. I just want to get up, get in my chair and put my nose in a book. Of course, I groom Bailey and give him his treats. Prior to this, I've cleaned his litter box and so he is good for the day except for his feedings.

I skip this morning's food bank because I have a doctor's appointment in SLO-town, a stop at Michael's clinic, and a stop at Foods 4 Less to pick up some groceries.

First stop is the library to return my books to the library. I renewed my last book because I thought I would not finish it by today but I completed the book yesterday afternoon.

Now I am reading books that I began but for some reason (library book reasons) I put them down and didn't finish them. Did I tell you, Michael was very pleased with my homemade bookshelves and reading area?

We stopped at the post office. Only just junk there and that is fine with us.

Next errand and most important is my doctor's visit. I put into her hands all of my unused medication that she had given me, my glucose meter reader for her to check the numbers, my log book Michael gave me to keep track of medications and glucose readings, and my latest Medic Alert update for medications.

As for today's reading I dropped another 26 mgs since yesterday and I'm now at 314 mgs. Doctor shakes her head and says not good enough. The goal is to get me down to 250 and then we set the next goal.

I tell her I feel hopeless because I am doing all that is asked of me and yet here I am. She tells me more than once that I am doing all the right things and it's not me. She feels that since I had my hysterectomy is when things began acting up for the diabetes. She looked over my logs of what I have been eating for the last three days and she said I am doing great. Only one not good and that was the cup of rice and beans I had for dinner last night. That may not be good but it was only a cup and it was surrounded by lots of other good things.

Well, I get to give myself my first injection of insulin. The stick wasn't too bad but the insertion of insulin didn't feel too good. I'd really rather have a tattoo. Just the action caused me to have a hot flash and feeling lightheaded. Michael held my hand and my doc removed my hat I had on. Slowly I began to feel better but the injection site was still sore. My doc assured me that as the day went on it would go away. I'm very glad about that.

Anyway, I have a new injection pen with needles and a vial of insulin. Plus, she had me schedule time with their diabetes person next week to talk about it and how to take care of myself at home.

The good news, she didn't charge me for today. Yes, I have a very good doc.

I did ask her about my thyroid and I'm a hypo. She said my last test results in April were where they should be and it isn't causing me any trouble.

Oh, I also asked her about the testing solution (I think that is what it is called) for my meter and she said that they don't do that any more.

Needless to say, for all the other errands we had planned for the rest of the afternoon were put on the back burner for another day. We were both beat.

We are home and glad to be here. Bailey is glad to have us at home too.

mz. em

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