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I am feeling loopy. Late last night, after dealing with increasing pain to his abdomen, Michael had me call 911 to get him some help. Plus his blood sugar kept going up and down and I don't think this was helping the situation either.

The fire department's paramedics came and did all of their tests. A good thing, his EKG was as perfect as can be and they were all glad that and me too. He was driven in to his favorite hospital and I followed behind in our truck.

The hospital staff was just settling him in when I arrived. While I was there staff took copious amounts of blood to run tests, a urine sample, a sonogram and another EKG.

One thing they could rule out it wasn't his heart!

But what was causing his pain? In the blood tests they found he was low in magnesium and potassium. So he was hooked to five different bags of liquid, pills were administered as well as anti-nausea medication and a pain medication.

Thus we waited for results to come in.

However, his pain wasn't going away.

As for me, I had brought all the things that weren't taken with him such as his phone, flip-flops, his shirt and his wallet. For me, I brought a book to read, my journal, pretzels, and a bottle of water.

Since I had been getting ready for bed, I had taken my nighttime medications and they began to hit. I found myself snoozing along with Michael. Though with all the staff commotion and the beeps, bells, and whistles it was kind of hard to fall into a deep sleep.

I had thought Michael would come home with me but about 4:30 a.m. the doctor decided Michael should stay in the hospital until they could discern what the pain was.

So, a kiss and adios, I headed for home. I was welcomed by Bailey who was talking up a storm about where I had been, where was Dad, smelling me, and where was Dad. This went on until I went to bed. Bailey is standing on top of me looking towards the door until he finally came to the conclusion that Dad wasn't coming to bed.

Then he settled down on my pillow around my head and we both went to sleep. I woke up for my 7 a.m. thyroid pill but slept through my 8:30 a.m. alarm for my morning pills. At 9:30 a.m. I thought I heard the television on but no, it was just me and Bailey. I called the hospital but got his voice mail and I left a message.

I think I could have slept more but I was up so I went about taking care of Bailey. I was very surprised that he didn't fuss with me to get me up.

Then I was at a loss of what to do next. I decided to sit in my chair and groom Bailey. Then I read my morning inspirational books and watch some television.

The neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. T, stopped by to let me know if I needed anything to come and get them. This was nice to know.

Later in the morning Michael called me. He has pancreatitis. For now we don't know how long Michael will be in the hospital.

I nap a little with Bailey in my lap.

Then I decided to make it a spa day. I took my shower and used all of my good stuff followed by a pedicure. I even applied some makeup for a change. Whoo hoo! All I know is I sure do smell good.

I have remembered to eat which is a good thing. I'm so used to Michael asking me if I want something and now he's not here to remind me to eat.

So, I am going with the flow, breathing deeply and turning everything over to my Higher Power. For now, there is nothing I can control but myself and that is good enough.

On another note, I received a call from United Blood Services that it was time for me to donate blood. I learned I have donated 20 pints of blood so far. Wow, it really mounts up. Since I have prized blood, O-, the vampires really want me to come in on a regular basis. Since I don't do much else for community service, I figure I can do this.

What is funny is I can donate blood and I have had only one time where I felt faint and they had to stop. Other than that, when they insert the needle I'm basically okay as long as I don't watch.

So that's about it. I am waiting for another call from Michael. I am going to my Friday night meeting to be around some people and to think of something else for an hour and a half.

Have a good evening.

mz. em

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