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Super Moon
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Wow, did everyone get to view the moon last night? Luckily the marine layer did not come in and the night sky was clear. My, oh my, I had to go out several times just to be in the moonlight. How beautiful our world is.

I slept pretty good last night. I was able to shut the table lamp on Michael's side of the bed off though I did leave the light on over the kitchen sink. Bailey on the other hand was restless. I remembered what Michael had told me how he quiets Bailey down and I did that.

I'm lying on my left side and I pulled Bailey into the curvature of my body and began petting his chest and tummy. That did it, the feet went up and he squirmed around to get into a better position. He placed his head on my left arm and drifted off to sleep with me. That is, until later . . . the sun is coming up.

"Meow," he said.

Now a nose bumps my nose.

"Meow," again.

My nose is now being licked and how that little tongue is so rough.


A paw is placed on my nose; I also feel the tip of a claw. Not for force but it needs to be clipped.

Another, meow.

I gently push him off the bed.

Next thing I know he has hunkered down on my night stand and is staring me into waking up.

My alarm sounds, a pounce on the bed and a kitty in my face!

I stretch and he is so happy that I am making moves to get out of bed.

I was just beginning to get to that fuzzy warm state and I really didn't want to get up. I remembered how I felt last week with not going to church so I got up and got ready. I had time enough to feed Bailey and read part of my daily inspirational books before I head out the door.

I can't believe how warm it is out at this hour (7:30 a.m.). The meteorologist said that temps would be in the low 70s but it feels warmer.

There was a small turn out at church today. There were seven of us if you count the Reverend. However, I was still glad I got up to go. In such a short time, I feel like I have come home. I like the people who attend the early morning service.

On my way home, Michael called me because he needed some information concerning some of the medications he takes. Once home I called him but no answer. I texted and I called the switchboard and still no answer. Hmmm.

I did some computer time thinking he would call me but no. So, I decided to go ahead and go for my walk. I wanted to get it in before I wound down and would not want to go and if it was going to get warmer, I wouldn't want to go then either. I headed out to 11th Street and went all the way to the end where it dead ends. I did a U-turn and went back up to Santa Ysabel.

Now Michael calls me. I tell him I am not at home. He sounds a little disgruntled but what is one supposed to do, I ask you?

I decided to cut my walk short because he is waiting for me to call him and I am glad I did. There was one hill on 9th Street that just about beat me. I kept going though and finally made it to the top. Whew boy, I was huffing and puffing on that one. I have a feeling I am going to sleep well tonight.

Back home, I call Michael and it is the same thing as the first time. Before too long I get his call and give him the information he needs for the nurse.

Another call from him and I learn he now has contracted some kind of infection. Now he has to be on antibiotics. How much more does this poor guy have to go through? Although, the doctor did order that my man can have dinner tonight. Michael couldn't remember what he ate but said it was good. I would imagine after three days of not eating anything would taste good. But, this is a good sign that he is progressing with his healing. I am so thankful for that.

Now that I have cooled off from my walk I decide to make it another spa day and use the good body soap. I even put on my cat dress that I haven't worn in a year. It feels really good.

Now I am ready to sit down and just be. Does this happen? No. I putter around the house doing this and that. I'm not sure if this is nervous energy or what. Finally, I sit down and put my feet up and half watch a movie on the telly.

However, my next door neighbor stops by to check on me and to find out how Michael is doing. While we were talking my other neighbor comes home and she comes over. We're having an old hen-fest and I like it. Then we say goodbye.

I'm going to do a bit of surfing on the 'Net and then go put my feet up again until bedtime.

I hope everyone's Sunday has been a good and I will see you tomorrow.

mz. em

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