No matter what the day brings, deep down I know it really is a good day because I have the man of my dreams, a kitty who loves me, a roof over my head and I live in paradise.

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How Do I Feel?
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I feel lots of things:

1. Anxious
2. Worry
3. Overwhelmed
4. Take charge and leave no prisoners

Because of my pushiness, that man of mine has a doctor's appointment today and one tomorrow. I forbid him to get any worse. I actually said that word to him, forbid, the other day when we were talking. He kind of smiled at me since I don't think I have used that word on him before.

The day is sunny and warm. Maybe this afternoon I will get out and play with my plants.

Our friend Little M, we say this because she is short, has a big heart and can be a stick of dynamite when she wants to, went to the food bank for us this morning and delivered said provisions. I have said my thank yous to the Goddess for putting this wonderful woman in our lives.

I need to get ready to go into SLO-town, I'll write more later.

It was a nice day to drive. It would have been better if we'd been on the bikes, oh well. I saw a field of mown hay, a fallow field, a tilled field, and a field at the end of its growth. I also saw flower fields of yellow, wild mustard, and purple and orange flowers I do not know what they were but the burst of color was amazing.

SLO-town is hot. We stopped by my doctor's office for me to pick up my hat I had left when I was there last week. I had felt weird all this time not wearing my hat. It has a nice wide brim which keeps the sun out of my eyes. The glasses I have now do not have the Transitions capability (didn't have the money for it) and so the sun really bothers my eyes.

Last stop in town is to one Michael's doctors. Then we come in again tomorrow for another doctor's appointment. I attempted to get both engagements for the same day but no can do.

I can only say my prayers that money will come from some where to purchase more petrol.

On the way out of town, I saw a field of horses with colts lying down in the grass near their mothers. It was such a site. I hope the colts will be up and about when we go into SLO-town tomorrow. Colts are so cute but then, I find all babies cute.

Okay, I'm back from my rebellion of yesterday where I didn't write down any of what I ate. My glucose number went down by six points this morning. I'm back to taking back the control I do have and won't give up.

OMGoodness, I just read in the on-line newspaper that a food bank buddy died this morning. She had been assaulted by her son the end of last month and had been in the hospital recovering from her injuries. I can't believe this has happened. I really liked her spirit which was an ole' hippy.

This now this makes two people I've known who have died within a week of each other.

The rest of the afternoon and evening were easy going. The boys took naps; I perused the Internet and then settled into my chair to read. Not much on the telly. I watched America's Got Talent. I am not impressed with Howard Stern at all. Altogether it was a nice end to a busy day.

mz. em

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Read/Post Comments (3)

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