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I've Been Nudged
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One of my dear readers sent me a note to find out where I was and so here goes.

It has been an incredible week:

1. On Monday I was checking out my bank account and found a charge for $99. Yikes! I realized it was from one of those companies I had gone crazy on getting something for free.

Yes, I know, I feel like a dunce. Nothing is ever for free. Before the 14 day trial was up I cancelled my participation in their program. I am not even sure I received anything for the $1.95 I did spend.

Anyway, I'm hyperventilating as this $99 charge is going to screw up my budget. I attempted to make contact on-line which I did again like the first time. Not long, I get a call from a staff person who says they don't show I cancelled on the day I said I did. We went round and round until I'm told that they spent money on money on creating a web site just for me (huh?!) but they would be willing to refund me $50.

I've become agitated and told the staff person he needs to speak to my husband. They go round and round. Michael then asks to speak to his supervisor. Wonder of wonders, we have been speaking to the supervisor.

So Michael asks for his manager. She's not there. But Brandon said she would call us within 48 to 72 hours.

During the time Michael is talking to Brandon, I am sending an email explaining the situation and I want my money back. By this time Michael is off the phone and then it rings.

Now we have Michael on the phone. He says to me there is no way to cancel my participation in their program on-line. I say, "Ha!" but I did. We go round and round and finally this Michael offers me $70. I say no, I want $99 and I want to talk to his manager. He is giving me grief so I let him talk to the man of my house.

They go back and forth, it comes out that Brandon is not a supervisor because this Michael is his supervisor. The conversation ends with the manager will call us. Not!

Tuesday I called the bank about this charge that I didn't authorize and it would be best if I came in and filled out a Merchant Dispute form. Instead of going into SLO-town because I was still drained from yesterday's confrontation, I went to work to see if all of my checks had come in. One is still outstanding but it is going to clean out my bank account and my check guarantee and I will still be overdrawn. Grrrrrr.

Now comes Wednesday, as I was getting ready for the day, I receive a call from the customer service of the bank stating a check had come in and I was overdrawn. I said we were on our way within the hour.

I thought I was $20 and some change overdrawn but it was the $99. Can you see me rolling my eyes?

I called the customer service guy and he came down to see us. I told him the situation and he strongly suggested we complete the Merchant's Dispute. This way Visa gets involved and it makes life very uncomfortable for this company.

Uncomfortable isn't the word. The bank guy said that when Visa handles these things, they pull the company's Visa equipment and go over their transactions.

I filled out the form and was told it would be put into the works by that afternoon.

Well, let me tell you. When I checked my bank account on Thursday morning there was a Visa deposit in the amount of $99.

The bank called me and confirmed what the course of action was and also suggested I get a new credit card so that they cannot use my number again.

Yea! One Goliath knocked down by little old me.

My Friday anxiety was in the form of a new P-doc. Apparently the one I had been seeing his contract expired and the county didn't pick it up again.

The new doc seems nice enough, but being new, he wants the whole run down of my mental illness history. I can remember situations but not dates. This starts me feeling very anxious. Then he says because he doesn't know me very well, he doesn't want to begin changing my medication cocktail yet. So, I go back to see him in two months. I hope he goes through my rather thick file first. I'm sure it will help him fill in the blanks I created.

Good news, since our DVD player broke, Michael was able to find one on Craig's List for free. I just hope it works. Then we can go back to the library for movies.

We've been to the food bank and now I am ready for a nap.

mz. em

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