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Daring to do Something New
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"My interest in life comes from setting myself huge, apparently unachievable challenges and trying to rise above them." - Richard Branson

I like this quote and yet it bothers me too.

Setting unachievable challenges could be setting me up for failure but then, I'm not Richard Branson.

I do believe setting goals and making them small enough to be achievable. Even achieving a small goal feels good and prepares you for the next one.


Michael and I dared to do something different this past week - Thursday to be exact.

We decided to take a road trip to Cayucos. It is 12.5 miles from where we live and we hadn't been there in ages. I think the last time we were there we were on our motorcycles. The local library had a DVD we wanted to see.

The problem was neither one of us could remember the name of the movie as it had been a few days since I had looked it up and found that it was at that branch. After a brief discussion, it came back to me that the title was "Sherlock Holmes - A Game of Shadows" with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law. I checked the web site again and the movie was still on the shelf.

Michael's eyes sparkled and he said, "Do you want to go?"

"Hell yes," I replied. What, is this me speaking or my evil twin Emmy?

Out the door we went. Even if the library didn't have the DVD, the drive north was worth it. Once we left north Morro Bay, it is nothing but ocean and beach.

We were giggly (well, Michael would disagree about him being giggly). We were doing something different and we (me) were out of the house.

The last time I had been to this library was years ago and it was in a small building on the main street of town. Cayucos is a one blink town, you blink and you've missed it. Since I didn't check the address on the web site, I tried to direct us to where I knew it had been. Oh what a dunce and thanks to library signs. The markers guided us to the new location and we found it in no time. There were no scenic tours in trying to find the building.

The library was housed in a small building and very different from our library. We were able to get the movie we wanted and several more - it is going to be a movie weekend.

This little road trip really perked up our spirits. We were quite satisfied with ourselves for the rest of the day.

As much as I would rather stay in the apartment or in the back patio puttering around on my different projects, it is very nice to do something different.

So, I urge you to try something out of the ordinary just for the fun of it.

mz. em


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"I expect to pass through life but once. If therefore, there be any kindness I can show, or any good thing I can do to any fellow being, let me do it now, and not defer or neglect it, as I shall not pass this way again." - William Penn, English entrepreneur and philosopher

Read/Post Comments (6)

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