No matter what the day brings, deep down I know it really is a good day because I have the man of my dreams, a kitty who loves me, a roof over my head and I live in paradise.

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Waxing Moon in Aquarius

"Life belongs to the living, and he who lives must be prepared for changes." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Yea, the sun is out! Yes, I am excited about the sun and there are puddles left. As an adult, puddles are good for cleaning off my shoes when I have walked in some sand. This is so boring when I would rather run and jump through them.

With the sun up, I chose to go for a walk. I didn't walk very fast but I moved along. There is construction all up and down the street. They are primarily working at the flat part of the "u" of our streets. Then when I walked down the dead end street, they were working at the end of it so I couldn't go the full length of my walk but it was fun. When I made to Los Osos Valley Road (LOVR) I had fun looking into an artists' studio. There are some new things up. Then at the consignment shop I saw new stuff in the window. What fun!

Back home, I rest a bit and then get busy getting the laundry together. Yup, today is laundry day. There are three loads today so I will be at the laundromat for about an hour and a half.

While waiting, I chose to write on some stuff brought up by my Fourth Step work the last time I met with my sponsor. Some of this is hard stuff and especially around my son. Today I could only think of one good thing I did for him and that was not talk badly about his father. My comment would be, "You know how you dad can be." I would leave it at that.

I was zonked after doing the laundry. Lugging in three heavy baskets is more than I usually do but at least our laundry is done for the month.

The rest of the day was taking breaks and folding clothes. Michael was good enough to sort his clothes, hang them up or fold them and put them in his closest.

The rest of the day was pleasant and I was ready to do to my meeting. It turned out a good one and well attending. What a nice way to end a Monday.

Be well all,

mz. em

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"I expect to pass through life but once. If therefore, there be any kindness I can show, or any good thing I can do to any fellow being, let me do it now, and not defer or neglect it, as I shall not pass this way again." - William Penn, English entrepreneur and philosopher


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