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Just In Time
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Waning Moon in Cancer > Leo/5:57 p.m. PST

"This republic was not established by cowards; and cowards will not preserve it." ~ Elmer Davis

Once again, I did not hear my 7 a.m. alarm. I need to check the volume of my medication alarms. If I didn't have to get up to use the facilities, I would have stayed in bed. Once up though, I brushed my teeth and put on my walking shoes.

Yes dear friends, I am going for a walk. and maybe, I can have the same luck today.

Yea! I'm back. Yesterday I was caught by one quick squall but today, no extra storms. I hope to get the photos I thought I got yesterday's walk.

Instead of getting individual pictures, I somehow made a video. Not once but twice. Talk about aggravating. Today, we are going to attend a class on our phones in SLO-town to learn how to operate these fancy new gadgets.

When it did begin to rain, it came down quite good and the rain gauge is well over an inch. Water is dripping from the eaves and the wind is a blowing. There is still a drizzle. I thank my guardians for watching out for me and keeping me drying.

It took the afternoon to prepare for going to SLO-town as we were in no rush. It was a good thing we were going to start out early. Right out of the gate, we saw a two-limbed branch hanging down in a tree at the beginning of our street. If that fell on a car or possibly a person, the one word that comes to my mind is DEAD.

We called the sheriff's office and they transferred us to the California Highway Patrol (CHP) to let them know about this hazard. Doing our good duty, we headed for our class.

On the way there, Michael realized he had left his soda at home. A stop at the grocery store is in order to pick up a bottle. I stayed in the car and fiddled with my phone. I was beginning to think he was buying out the whole store when he reappeared.

If Michael wasn't irritated in leaving his soda home, he is now. He walked that complete store and went to all the logical places sodas would be kept but did not see any cold drinks. He talks to the manager who tells him that they are in the small cases up by the front. Okay, only the one Michael is directed to has stacks of merchandise in front of it and it is hard to get to. No wonder he is annoyed. We are both glad we left the house early if only for the rain.

We arrive at Verizon with ten minutes to spare. We are asked to cue up in this one area. The person who is to give the class, cannot, because he is busy with customers who have a large account with him and he doesn't want to lose out on the $$$$$ from them.

Instead another representative is chosen to give the presentation. Poor planning on their part is there are four different phones and one pad represented here and all skill levels. The poor representative has his job set out for him. There is cross-talk and advanced questions for this beginner's talk and talking between people. Oh my! I can only imagine what the advanced class could be like.

It's dark by the time we leave and we are ready for a quiet evening.

mz. em


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