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Fieldwork 2006

Trivia Night
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Spent much of the day in Trench 8 again, taking out about a square meter of soil about two feet in depth in one corner that was apparently left there by the 60s excavation. At the end of the day, though, they think it was just backfill from that time. Found a couple shards of medieval pottery and some animal bones. Right off the bat, this morning, I shot panos of the major work areas, because the media director's very excited by the possibilities of using QTVR to show off the site in many ways, including funding presentations and web pages. I've included the panos here so that you can see them too, because they work so much better than to still images of the working areas. He also had me demo the process to a couple of the media students.

Last night we had weekly quiz night: teams of 4-6 people confer as questions are read aloud, and write down answers to various trivia questions. Last night's quiz had a section of 10 questions related to America, to stump the Brits apparently. There are three of us Yanks here, so we had the pressure, with some amusing results. One team had the other two on it, and they missed the question "What's the largest city in the largest state?" which is, of course, Anchorage :-) Overall, our team placed 2nd, close behind the directors/supervisors' team, which apparently usually wins the contest easily each week. Funny, that, given that one of the supers makes up the quizzes....

No fireworks for us here in the damp chill, and of course I miss baby's first pyro show. :-( Tried to get on the Internet at lunch, but the dial-up connection would not hold for some reason. The person helping me has seen the computer work before, but could not get it to today. Access is far more restricted than I thought it would be, so it looks like no journal posts until I can get to an Internet cafe in town on the weekend. Will try to get Saturday off and find a place in Edinburgh to connect.

Panorama from castle wall overlooking main dig area

Some flowers down in the dunes near the ocean.

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