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Fieldwork 2006

Mission to Edinburgh
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Took today as my one weekend day off, to travel up to Edinburgh for changing money, finding Moniack mead, and getting a gift for someone back home, plus buying laundry soap and getting on to the Internet. So far, so good -- actually got a bit of wireless access on the train, which was cool, but had to find a spot in town for a much longer session.

Spent a great deal of the morning hiking around the city to find the mead. Finally did, and bought four bottles. Let's hope it makes it safely home with me -- way too expensive to ship even by boat (more than the stuff itself).

Yesterday, being Friday, was Pub Night. Had a good three pints of cider amongst the crew. Apparently not many of the local pubs cafe for us descending on them en masse, but I didn't hear of any fights from last night, so we may be okay at this one, called The Salmon, in Belford three miles down the road.

After Thursday's bucket-lifting work, my triceps are killing me, so thankfully Friday's work (boring though it was!) turned out to be finds washing. Sit there and scrub bones, pottery, etc., the whole day. Gave the arms a rest, but not the back.

Down in the Bowl Hole they've reached the bottom of the sand dune and are into some new graves, which should start coming out next weekk. I'll be asking to work down there for some experience excavating human remains.

A bunch of our students leave this weekend, but apparently there will be new arrivals to cover all the departures, so we should still have nearly 50 people on site, between the media students and the archaeologists they're filming and interviewing.

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