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Fieldwork 2006

Styca Time
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Last night's pub experience left much to be desired: too much smoke, too-loud music. Scotland has taken the wise step of prohibiting smoking in pubs, like California and New York have done, but England's attempt to legislate it has not yet passed into law, and may not for some time. After two pints of cider, I just couldn't take the incessant smoke, and mouth-to-ear shouting that had to pass for conversation to be heard over the jukebox, so I walked a couple miles back to the campground about 10:45.

The usual late start for today, with us just troweling in Trench 3 as a tourist exhibit. There's a wedding on right now up in the upper ward, and it's shaping up to be another sunny, hot day, so my tan's going to get even better. Shortly after digging in, I found a styca, a small Anglo-Saxon coin about half-inch diameter. It's rather corroded and comes from a medieval layer in this case, so it won't be particularly useful for dating anything (which is why archaeologists love coins), but still, it's my first coin find from any project, so it's made my day.

Both sides of my styca

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