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Fieldwork 2006

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It's been a good month, met a lot of nice people, got to dig up some Anglo-Saxons. Even got some cool and rainy weather today (finally!) while excavating my second skeleton.

This skeleton is coming out very nicely, but it will not be lifted until I've left

Thinking back, I've neglected to mention a few things:

-the modern military jets that buzz the area almost daily, some so low that you can see the pilot;

-the drinking of tea from cereal bowls;

-how to time your shower so that you get one that's not scalding and not freezing;

-the tat shop in Seahouses that everyone loves to rag on but buys stuff at anyway (a tat shop is one that sells really tacky souveniers or kitsch);

-that all Paul's knives are named Mike;

-the way that people love to play off Paul's media quote about those fabulous swords being "serious bling" and everything bringing out the "raw power of the past";

-that I finally found all the pictures Baby had hidden away in my luggage and packed clothes;

-the cry of "pants" going round, causing each person in turn to briefly pull up and out the top of one's undershorts to show everyone else what color they are

-they don't have Oreos here (a fact that I failed to notice in all my previous trips!)

I hope you've enjoyed this journal, even if it did appear on the web in bursts. I'm off for a bit of travel now, and will leave you with the traditional final sunset photo.

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