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"You know how to whistle, don't you, Steve? You just put your lips together and blow." (To Have and Have Not, 1944)

It sounds easy, but trust me, it's possible to lose this skill -- as I apparently have. Christopher says I'm just trying too hard, but he doesn't know that it took me eight years to learn how to whistle, and that it was finally that funny, funny boy Chad McWhorter who taught me how. (Actually, Chad grew up to be Chris Barzak in the bizarro world I rule. Chad was great.)

Searching for a cool link to go with the To Have and Have Not reference, I happened on this quite interesting piece by Ebert on The Big Sleep and the TWO different versions of it. It turns out the success of the earlier movie greatly impacted the released version. Quell surprise! Who knew?

(This one's for you, sweetie.) It appears the woman alternately called "the original bicycling queen" or the "Bicycling Queen of Holland" is being mourned after her death at 94. She sounds great. Maybe there is something to that whole monarch idea.

French divers have found Saint-Ex's plane!

A French underwater salvage team has discovered the remains of the plane of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, author of "The Little Prince," six decades after his disappearance, government researchers said Wednesday.

The pieces of the Lockheed Lightning P38 aircraft, which vanished July 31, 1944 during a wartime reconnaissance mission, were found off the coast of the Mediterranean city of Marseille, the Culture Ministry's Department of Subaquatic and Submarine Archaeological Research said.

(I really hope we have a Subaquatic and Submarine Archaeological Research department in America!)

The discovery is a galvanizing moment for France, which had long speculated as to the fate of Saint-Exupéry, an aristocratic adventurer whose life and books turned him into one of the country's biggest heroes.

This reminds me to read what sounded like a fascinating book about Saint-Ex that came out last year. If I can only track down what it was.

Another interesting article in the NYT about what we may be doing to the environment and our bodies with all the drugs we take right now, forget bioengineering as we commonly picture it. There's a story in this one for one of you science fiction writers out there.

And that's it, except for my relief at discovering someone else also loves that cover of "Moonshiner." (I always feel pretty silly when I'm belting out that one, let me confess. But silly in the best possible way. That is a great song. Hush.)

worm: That song about Pavlov's Bell by Aimee Mann

today's fave post: Guest blogger Scott Handy at The Elegant Variation receives a delightful reader email about chick-lit and big ass chain bookstores (Are we sick of the sketched up high heel cover? Yes. Oh yes. Sick to death.)

namecheck: Jennifer "AN Blurb" Stevenson

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