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Over here at Blogger. Text repeated below, full links at the other site (because I don't have time to do them right now).

In case you've missed Wonkette's previews of this week's Celebrity Jeopardy starring Washington Power players, you might want to look at this WaPo article.

Things learned while observing a day's worth of taping of "Celebrity Jeopardy!" with a bunch of wonks, talkers and other media types the show labels as Washington's "power players":

Al Franken should not be allowed to climb inanimate objects.

Maria Bartiromo has trouble differentiating between a golf club and a golf tee under pressure (but okay, okay, she did know that Tiger Woods makes the most money on the PGA Tour).

Tucker Carlson is disturbingly well versed in things related to "homemaking," like dust bunnies and Brillo pads.

Bob Woodward needs faster thumbs.

Now, even in the best of times Celebrity Jeopardy is pushing it with the use of the term celebrity, but I must admit to an impure thrill at the thought of Ari Fleischer's return to television. McClellan has just never delivered the same quiet shock of watching pure evil spin, spin, spin the wheel, never quite captured the same laconic disregard for that news-saint Helen Thomas (who could eat both of them for lunch and use their shin bones as toothpicks). Yes, I'll be tuning in for Ari. Bless us every one.

Also, Mary Gaitskill had a fascinating piece in the WP Magazine about what happens when you're nice to children -- "when a well-meaning but inexperienced couple volunteered to host two small children from the city, they got much more than they bargained for."

AND the Mumpsimus is right about Alan. (And is sort of responsible for me being here trying out Blogger's new toys. Throw your stones at him. Wait, I didn't mean for you to do that -- I wouldn't be so impolite as to suggest anyone throw stones at a stranger. You may throw them at Christopher instead. Kidding, kidding... Have you no sense of humor?)

(Now she remembers how the digressions went in the old Blogger days. They were many, and long, and wild as rivers with too much water in them. Yes.)

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