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Flying a lot, but not at all.

A few months ago I succumbed to buying Microsoft's Flight Simulator program. Okay, I was at least not a true sell-out to M$. It's not the 2004 version; I was a cheapskate and bought the discounted 2002 version.

Since then I have become adicted to downloading people's aircraft models and running them on the system.

It's great to fly around in aircraft that could not ever be in my logbook, even if I had my license still.

It's also nice to feel nostalgia for when I was flying in various interesting types of aircraft. For instance, I got a few hours in the Grumman S2 Tracker -- the simulator, at least, although I rode in the back for a few hours of real flying, too.

I'm also in the process of making some models of 'impossible' aircraft, too. I don't want to tip my hand, too much, although one will become VERY topical soon. Watch this blog!

However, if anyone can put me on to a piece of 'free' software that allows me to build or modify models for FS2002 then I'd be VERY grateful. Sooner the better, please.


Now, that's an interesting start to blogging, isn't it!

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