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Why does an Opposition do so little?

As I recently posted on as a comment on the current Australian election, but also as a wider comment...

I am always at a loss to understand why ANY state or Federal Opposition does so little -- legislatively -- in its Parliament.

The Australian Constitution does not PREVENT any member of the parliament (or party, even though parties are not mentioned) from proposing, promoting, bringing forward, arguing for, convincing others about, and having adopted, a Bill for an Act to do anything.

So, why do Opposition members (and parties) sit on their hands?

What a waste of your money they are.

Okay, they have lots of parliamentary committees to attend, people to see, and things to do. Why not write and promote a Bill, too?

Havn't the politicians read the Constitution? Do they become stupid and illiterate when they get into Opposition? It seems so.

I want to hear arguments AGAINST why Oppositions should propose Bills.




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