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Book Review - "the Exception to the Rulers" Amy Goodman

Here is my book review of a terrific book. Americans should grab a copy ahead of the election in November, read it, and then VOTE!

This review will appear in print in November edition of a magazine in Australia. I am pleased for the review to be picked up elsewhere, but ask that you credit me and at least leave a message informing me of how you propose to use the review.

the Exception to the Rulers
Amy Goodman with David Goodman
Allen & Unwin 2004
rrp A$24.95

For me, this book stopped the world: I began reading it at bed-time and finished it around 5.30am, and it kept me awake the next day while I 'processed' the contents. Admittedly, I had been able to skim some passages where there was similarity with Michael Moore's book "Stupid White Men" that deals with the Bush administration's corporate take-over of America.

With the cover starkly red, white and blue, the subtitle "Exposing America's war profiteers, the media that love them and the crackdown on our rights", and the recommendation of Michael Moore to "Pick up this book... read it, and go raise some hell!", you might think that this paperback brands itself with a particular American political flavour. You'd be only partly correct.

Amy Goodman is a person a lot like me, so I should not be surprised to feel that this book speaks to me. She is a broadcaster and interviewer on community radio and television; her thinking patterns dislike sham, and she obviously find it where it exists; she is impressed by remarkable people; she is dismayed by the philosophies of George W. Bush and his cronies. She has been assisted by her brother, David Goodman.

In the 18 chapters over 346 pages, Goodman covers very well: the OILYgarchy and the US military-industrial complex [Note: I write in the week the US
Congress committees approved the 2004-05 military budget: US$420.6b (~A$580b)]; the hypocrisy and perception of illegality in the Bush administration's use of the media; how the post-terrorism laws and policies towards foreign students in American universities have the prospect of severely harming American academia and industry in the long term.

Read this as a prophecy of George W. Bush's part in world history.

Peter Ellis

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