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Petrol or Milk?

It used to be a joke that I'd spin if people complained about the price of petrol for their car. "Imagine if you had to run it on milk?!"

That was when petrol was in the 50s or even (shudder) 60s of cents per litre, and milk was (shudder) in the region of $1.20/litre.

How far we have come! (in only 12-18 months!)

The last I bought petrol it was $1.13/litre, and it's NOT gone down over the weekend.

Here is a story from Newsweek about who is getting the windfall profits.

Now, if I were into blame, then I know who would be the butt of my annoyance, and it's easy to see the Bush/Cheyney agenda and the Republican (GOP) agenda (and that they are subtly different.) [It's easy to see that Bush can keep fewer things in his mind than his party people can!]

And, what will I be doing when the leadership is being decided in the USA? I'll be at a training course, and I can imagine that it will halt briefly for the running of the race. What race???

Well, until I realised (on Tuesday 26OCT) about the timing, I was going to be watching at a club as the horses go around at Flemington for the Melbourne Cup!

I always thought that the two events were held on the same day. Not so! The Melbourne Cup is held "on the first Tuesday of November each year"; however, the US presidential election is held "every four years on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November"; and these can be different!


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