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Is it okay for people to try to effect elections in other countries?


Do you want the longer answer? Yes, of course!

The USA has been effecting elections in other countries for years. The USA has even toppled moderate and reasonable governments elected by popular votes, let alone the various despots and creeps. (and, if you say, "It was the CIA, not America", then think about it for a while... please!)

So, why complain when people from outside your democracy (the odd blogger from Australia, or newspaper in the UK, etc) want to have something to say, and then actually do something about publicising or spreading those opinions. That's the definition of hypocricy, and no-one likes a hypocrit! (Of course, the USA has regularly turned on its own hypocrits, with the most recent example of this mind-set being the opinions cast on Bill Clinton. So, the USA can't complain that it does not know the term.)

There! I've vented! I feel better!

Of course, if you are an American who does not feel bad about people commenting on your political processes, then you can feel like I do (vented and better) and that's okay, too.

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