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When you're wrong...

When you're wrong... well, you're wrong.

I was obviously wrong to think that the USA cared about:
- its economic future, with the deficit growing at a great rate as government spending increases and tax cuts take the base out of its ability to repay;
- how to organise a vote, as I saw remarkable scenes of long lines more reminiscent of Afghanistan, and talk of denying people a vote, rather than a country that prides itself on being a democracy;
- well, anyone else!

I spent the day of the election glued to the TV (one channel had coverage from its US tie-in network) and later the 24/7 Australian newsradio station carrying mainly PBS coverage as the count from the USA played out. In the evening, the TV coverage was sparce enough that it seemed as though things were advancing each time it came on in an ad break.

I have to wonder at the turn-out figures: It still amazes me that Americans have to be convinced (goaded, cajoled, etc) to exercise their democratic rights.


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