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Hand up all the teenagers who have had pneumonia, or parents of teens and pre-teens in that category.

I can only see one hand: mine. I suspect there are more out there.

It's summer: I guess that lying overnight in a puddle of sweat isn't the best prescription. But, we've all been doing that, so why my big, athletic, and fit lump of a 15y/o son?

About 2 weeks ago he had a bit of a cough. He went to a sleep-over at a school frind's home, then the next day went to a church camp for the week. When he returned he commented that, "I'd have enjoyed it more if I wasn't coughing all the time."

Off to the doctor who prescribed antibiotics, and a 'puffer' to help him breathe easier. Off to the X-ray clinic for a radiologist to confirm the diagnosis.

He has been great with taking the meds; except, inevitably, one pill bounced on the floor in the kitchen and equally inevitably found its way into the fluff under the refrigerator.

The lesson here is that we should not assume. I'll alow you, dear reader, to work out to which bits this lesson applies for you.

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