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My Brain Hurts!

My most recent message recorded the coughing. The X-ray is clear.

But, I now need to record that My Brain Hurts! And, my chest (intercostal muscles) and throat. The only benefit is that I'm giving my diaphram a great workout ahead of the coming choral singing season.

Being ill in bed -- coughing every minute or so for around 2 hours -- really does tire a person. Sleeping during the day to recover knocks the body clock off its secure shelf. Repeating the coughing between 3-5am does nothing for marital bedroom harmony. So, Chris chose to sleep on the futon bed elsewhere in the house, and came back when I wasn't coughing to see me desperately trying to not be in denial about getting back to sleep -- watching TV, and because everything else at that time is those inane fat-burning, tone-up, hyphen-multiplying advertorials, it was Joyce Meyer. It was my 'nightlight'.

So, I've got up and am giving my wife a few hours of rest. I can recover by sleeping through the day, when I'm not coughing.

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