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If I were an American... and I were a Republican...

Our family has become fiends for, or is it 'fans' of, "The West Wing".

If I were an American... and I were a Republican...

...I'd not be!

I could NOT be an American AND neither could I be a Republican.

In neither case could I look myself in the apochraphal "shaving mirror" and see myself as a human being. That's what I think. Look back at my 'record' and you'll see it!

So, why am I saying this?

Tonight I watched a DVD: "The West Wing" Season 2, no. 22 "Two Cathedrals". It's where Jed Bartlet attends the funeral of Mrs Landringham, his long-time secretary and factotum, and rues the day that God put him on Earth... near Mrs Landringham.

If you have never seen it then find someone with the DVDs nd watch the few before then watch that one: It's the season finale, so you might want to watch the season after... and/or the season before, too.

I'm a person for people. This show is for 'people'. It's 'me', on film (or video, or DVD.)

I cried through bits of this show. Really. I had to rewind and replay several parts of the show. A man crying? Yes. See it and understand.


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