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Mountains of fun

My wife and I are just back from a week of holiday. That was after we'd had a few days away late in the week before the week before that.

So what?

Well, in a period of 12 days, I climbed two of Australia's highest mountains: Mt Kosciuszko (this continent's tallest mountain) in the Australian Alps in southern New South Wales; and, Mt Warning (the highest on the eastern seaboard) just on the NSW side of the Queensland border.

Let's compare and contrast.


both the treks were about 4.5 hours;

they are through national parks where you don't see a toilet once you set off;

they both have 'made' trails that you are obliged to follow;

the land was very dry, apart from the passing cloud systems.... i.e. drought;


Mt K has a weld-mesh trail over the delicate alpine ecosystem, but Mt W has a rough-hewn trail that's right on the very rough ground;

Mt K had little visible wildlife, but Mt W had tropical rainforest birds;

Lessons learned:

Climbs are rewarding, but the reasons may not be obvious immediately;

Leg muscles, knees and ankles hurt 24-48 hours afterward;

Look, and listen;

Tread lightly!

Walking quietly and listening and watching for wildlife is not for everyone -- some people feel the need to talk all the time and LOUDLY even when they have been with these people for days, weeks or years;

There is always someone who is fitter than you;

There is always someone who is slower than you;

No-one will walk for you if you hurt yourself, so take care;


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