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For those who don't have teenage sons...

For those who don't have teenage sons...

... and those who do.

Please feel for me: I have three teenage sons.

Below is a link to a movie that is on my family web site.

It shows my 17y/o son Steven's science experiment over the last weekend, blowing paraffin from his mouth and lighting it from a burning wick. The 'commentary' (audio) is provided by his 19y/o brother, Dave (with some chuckles from Dave's girlfriend, Amy, who is a classmate of Steven.)

I'll also point out something else, that can be barely seen and would not be noticed if I did not point it out. The kerosene in the glass bottle, that is feeding the wick through the metal top of the bottle, is also 'misting' -- this is an indication of a combustible mixture. At one point in the proceedings, there was a 'blow-back' and this mixture lit within the glass bottle. Despite what I considered at that point to be quite reasonable fears, Steven managed to get the bottle to the ground in a quite casual manner and it did not blow up in his hand.

As I said, feel for me!

Note the file-size: 935kB AVI file

Have fun.

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