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A brush with fame; actually, more a broom.

I have had a "brush with fame".

This is about to sound pompous and insufferable, but I want to show that everyone can have a "brush with fame" if they put themselves in the right place(s) and the right time(s).


Today, I 'interviewed' the Head of State of my country.

In Australia, the Head of State is the Governor General.

Major-General Michael Jeffery, AC, CVO, MC

In person, His Excellency Major-General Michael Jeffery, AC, CVO, MC, is a very forthright and engaging person; very welcoming and accommodating. Please read his resume; I find it is truly inspiring. (People are not awarded an Military Cross for nothing!)

I was at his official residence, Government House in Canberra, with another person who is involved in my hobby of Amateur Radio. It was our task to get the audio of the opening address for a contest this weekend that commemorates the sacrifice of Amateur Radio operators who volunteered for service and whose life was taken in war, specifically World War II.

It helps that I am a volunteer broadcaster at a community radio station in our city, and thereby have the opportunity to borrow the portable MiniDisk recorder and microphones.

For other countries, it is like a person from Kanata (Ontario) wandering along to have a few mintes chatting to Adrienne Clarkson; or, maybe someone from nearby in Copenhagen getting into the Amalienborg Palace for a few minutes with Queen Margrethe. However, I would not quite liken it to someone from suburban Alexandria (Virginia) getting 10 minutes with George W. Bush (although anything is plausible, for those who watch The West Wing.)

Anyway, we were in Government House for maybe 30 minutes. We were met by the press secretary whose name was familiar from his former professional life as an on-air journalist; I made a remark about this that was well received. Moments later, I met a friend who works there. This undoubtedly further legitimised my relationship with the press secretary, and allowed me to drop another name. My friend and I share a social circumstance with the Governor General and we were able to subtly drop that into our parting thanks, and it got a pleasantly positive response. On the way out, we met one of the principal house managers, who I'd met some weeks ago at another function where some of the treasures of Government House were on exhibit with artistic treasures from embassies and high-art shops in the city. (I also know his predecessor, whose name I'd dropped then.) This man had some guests -- artists -- from that that function with whom I was able to talk to about their exhibits.

It's just a case of being, well, connected. (Go on, fiddle with the punctuation!)

It's a little like "six degrees of separation".

So, how close are you to someone truly famous, notorious, or otherwise in the public eye?


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