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Pride and Prejudice

In the last few days, I have several things to be proud about, and I'm thoroughly prejudiced about them.


Matthew Reilly, author
On the weekend, my eldest son, Dave, who is a writing student and a great fan of the successful author Matthew Reilly (pic at right), met his idol who was here on a book signing tour, and got his autograph on two posters that Dave will be giving away as prizes on the Matthew Reilly fan forum. (Books: Area 7, Temple, Contest, Ice Station, Scarecrow, Hover Car Racer [the last published online].)


On Sunday last, Son #2 (Steven) ran in the annual 14km City to Surf 'fun' run in Sydney. (The first male across the line was Patrick Nyangelo in 41m12s, winning again after his win last year.) Steven's time was just under 70 minutes, and his place was in the mid 4,500s. That was a first-time effort, and probably gets him into the elite, lead group for next year!

Steven went up with two friends. He came in between these two.

The first of them home had a time of 51 minutes and was in position 250! He had been beside "the 10th placed woman" for much of the run, according to the track-side commentation that he heard.

The oddity of the Saturday was that they had left at about 2pm to drive to Sydney. They were here again at around 10pm! The other fellow had forgotten his running shoes! After tossing up whether to run bare-foot, or buy another pair and run in un- run-in shoes, he'd finally decided that it was more sensible to drive 3 hours back here and get his shoes (and drive another 3 hours back to Sydney.) Steven, who is not a licensed driver, came to keep him company and awake, etc. So, after driving around 9 hours on the Saturday, and getting in at around 1am Sunday, and getting up at before 7am to get to the run venue, Steven's friend ran a blitzing time and came in 250th overall!

It was an amazing performance for the three of them.


Dave's team won the local competition at his laser-tag game venue on Monday. Dave is a dedicated player, and also works at Zone 3 part-time.

Zone is a cross between "paint-ball" and the old game of 'tag': Players wear a vest that receives the laser 'hits', and get both an individual and team score at the end.


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