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Journey: Go east, young man

So, the Israelis are going east.

The Israeli disengagement and clearing of its Gaza Strip acquisitions and much of its West Bank possessions during the 1967 "Six-Day War" is to be praised.

Yet, we should not forget that the Israelis were the winners after the "other side" invested* their territory. (* to invest, as in besiege. Yes, look it up; or some might incorrectly say 'infest'.) In short, the invaders lost the war, and when that happens, "to the victor go the spoils" as US President Andrew Jackson once said. (Well, it happens both ways; but, in this case the attackers lost and had to "eat crow".) It's not quite the 'laws of war' as an outcome of attempted conquest gone wrong. (See this discussion of 'right of conquest'.) Yet, if you read many articles, speeches, and pronouncements made and published over the years, you'd be forgiven for thinking that it had been the other way around and that the Israelis were the aggressors in that 1967 war.

Let's hope that this is a direction (east, or 'forward' if you will) and time of new sun-rise for the region.


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