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Some things "get up my nose"!

At the moment, what is "getting up my nose" is Spring and a cross-season headcold.

I will spare you ANY further details.

But, the weather is getting quite nice, and the birds and bees are on the wing. (The apricot blossom is out, and the bees are having a field-day.)

Our house is quite a distance from any known bee-boxes, so they might well be a 'wild' hive in a tree somewhere. Then again, our city is known for its Spring flowers and the itinerant keepers may have moved in some hives as the first blossom came a week or so ago.

A friend who lives in the semi-rural "Adelaide hills" is a small-scale bee keeper. (And, they also have ducks.)

I've also noticed that people on various brewing and winemaking newsgroups are talking about mead, which of course is a type of brew made from honey. I've been wondering about a micro-brew of mead this year, too.

I am told that it is good for the throat... and sinuses.

I'm back to thinking about noses, again! That reverie was such a lovely distraction!

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