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Toilet humour... from MTV !

The further it is in the past, the more I seem to think that a recently televised show of toilet humour by MTV is... well... excrable! (You may need to click the link to get that reference.)

The MTV Europe Music Awards were shown on TV here a week or so ago.

YUK! Read MTV-Europe's own off-hand account of the 'humour' by their presenter, Borat (a character of Sacha Baron Cohen aka Ali G.)

Well, that kind of humour leaves me speechless, for about a week. The week has passed, and I am speaking.

The humour was not particularly funny, disgusting, (unremittingly) embarrassing to the other presenters and presentees, and brought no credit to "MTV Europe" or MTV (parent company) that has its logo on the awards presented on the occasion and making the ceremony available across the world.

I hope that the MTV executives take another look at the show and, if at all possible, correlate the switch-over of watchers with what was occuring on the show at that time. I have to say that I was drawn back to the show by curiosity for what WAS the point of the show -- the awards. I switched off it regularly as the appalling peformance of 'Borat' (aka 'Bore', as in "What a bore!") deteriotated as the night progressed.

Maybe I just don't get the humour of Sacha Baron Cohen.

Maybe I'm just not of that era -- 'demographic'.

Sorry, MTV, but you will now have a BIG SELL if the MTV Channel ever becomes part of my purchasing mix.

... then again, Barry Humphries' various characters (Dame Edna Everage, and particularly Sir Les Paterson) have made me cringe over the years, too.

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