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Warming to pime time, to decide on next US President

The USA is near to a major decision time for the next US President.

On Monday 12 February 2007, there will be 101 weeks (707 days) before George W. Bush leaves office on the Inaguration of the next President.


That's the multiple of two prime numbers. (You recall from school that a prime is able to be divided by itself and 1.)



In case I forget to remind you before then, please add this date (Monday 12 February 2007) to your calendar as a day to have SOME form of mystic experience.

If the whole world feels "primal" on that day then MAYBE the USA will also feel primal and decide on voting day, 4 November 2008.


1. You can register to vote.
2. You can vote on the day (4 November 2008)!
3. You don't have to vote only for the same party -- you can vote for candidates from different parties in the local, state, gubernational (state governor), Congressional (Representative AND Senate), and Presidential races!
4. You can vote against THAT vote two (2) and four (4) years later.
5. Your vote should elect someone who can pronounce "nuclear" (and not say '" target="_blank">nucular').
and this is a big UNLESS...
the USA has developed a type of power generation capability that will free the world of the scourge of unwanted pollution by building safe 'nucular' power plants (that is, power plants that do not need "nuclear" export control waivers by the Congress) and can thereby prevent global warming.

Speaking of global warming... my computer puts out enough heat into this room that it feels like a normal day in 2050 UNLESS we get some respite from global warming.

Spread the word (and I do not mean 'nucular'.)

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