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The Number of The Beast

I do not suffer from hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia.

I am simply bringing to your attention that the next two days or so will have a certain resonance for those who observe US politics.

This is the Day of the Number of The Beast: 666.

There are 666 days and a bit* to go until George Walker Bush ought to takes his last walk as the official occupant of the Oval Office.

That very qualified statement is intentionally ambiguous.
· If all goes well for George W. Bush then he has 666 days until his successor takes the oath of office.
· Of course, we could also have him “run over by a bus”, or suffer any number of other imaginable and un-imaginable events that prevent him serving out his time. Then, the Lesser Beast comes into play, the one whose heart is just not up to it.
* Note: The 'bit' is the 24 hours before the 666th day, when the countdown shows 666 days and XX.YY.ZZ hours.minutes.seconds until he leaves office.

So, today, be afraid: Be very afraid. The Number of The Beast is everywhere, for a whole 48 hours!

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