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When the lip slips, wear it!


Has anyone else got SUCH a sunburn on their lip that it breaks out as a monstrous, gargantuan, gigantic, sloppy sore with bits of the lip peeling away at the same time?

Notice that my hand *is* up.

About two weeks ago I did a really silly thing. I let myself get massively sunburnt on the lip(s) -- well the lower lip especially -- and it felt okay for a few days then everything decided to "break out".

This is nothing like a 'simple' "cold sore". This is "everyone looks at my lip" crazy!

I say to anyone who is reading: Take care in the sun. Use creams, lotions and so on. Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 15+ is... okay! necessary! using your time wisely! ... and sensible!

No-one dares ask me about it at work. They also know why the backs of my hands, my nose, my cheeks, and around my eyes, are peeling.

Yes, I was... stupid... with my sun protection!


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