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My other car is a kangaroo...

A while after midnight this morning my eldest son was driving along a major through-way in our city (in Australia), doing the 100 kilometer/hour speed limit (~65mph), and struck a kangaroo that was sitting on the roadway.

Yes. The kangaroo died. The kangaroo was about the size of a medium to large dog. In the gloom of the wee small hours, when I arrived after being called from my nice warm bed, the animal appeared to be a large, juvenile, female Eastern Grey kangaroo. Thankfully, it was leaning down, and this meant that the car ran right over the animal. Otherwise, the kangaroo's head and upper body would have also made a mess of the hood over the engine.

As it is, the front of the car is crushed in and the radiator smashed.

This will be ~$1,500-2,000 in damage for a vehicle that only cost him ~$3,500.

Life can be harsh for a young man trying to make a go of life. This means that he has at least several weeks when he can't do some shifts at his part-time job, because he needs a car when in that particular role.

Hitting kangaroos is a well known hazard in our part of the semi-rural, urban-fringe of our magnificent bush city. The tow truck driver said that his wife had hit a kangaroo earlier in the night!

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