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Right of pissage

I had a "right of passage" this week: My youngest son turned 18, which here in Australia allows him to legally buy and consume alcoholic drinks.

I know that he has been attending others' 18th parties, and I know he drinks responsibly.

Last night, Friday, he held his own "18th". At an appropriate moment a cake was brought out and while the sparklers (versus candles) were burning down someone put a vodka-and-guarana "energy" drink in his hand and he 'skulled' it to the singing of that well known drinking song, "He's a pisspot...".

All-in-all, they were a quite responsible lot. I only had one quite drunk young man who needed a lift home. I was not going to allow him to sleep in the garage with a brassier of coal brickets still burning: That would be a recipe for him asphixiating, quite apart from my preferring his parents to have to clean up after him if he had to "throw up" on anyone's couch.

Now, I just need to clean up the garage and "empties" pile in the area nearby. And, the recycling bin is already full.


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