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"I'll have what she's having."

Arguably one of the best known lines in movie history, and the most famous line from the movie "When Harry Met Sally", is when another diner orders just after Sally has been in (fake) ecstasy.

The party not in power in Australia (the Australian Labor Party)has been going through the “I’ll have what [the Government] has been having/promising/doing” for most of the last 12 months; now, it has to get its own menu prepared.

Oddly, for a party that has ‘known’ the election is coming for months, and has been baiting the Government coalition parties to call the election, it did not “come out swinging” on the first day.

It lost the news cycle to a spectacular announcement by the Prime Minister and Treasurer who together announced a monumental tax cutting regime that would still leave the Government coalition (Liberal Party of Australia and National Party of Australia ) with money to spare and thus stop the central bank from raising interest rates. That scores one, and a minus one for the inaction by the opposition.

Lib/Nat 1
Lab -1

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