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Iowa and the West Wing

As reports flooded in that Iowa was "done and dusted", our dinner table conversation revolved more around the fight for the White House in "The West Wing" (Series 6 & 7) than the current caucuses.

Does anyone care how the USA's presidential electoral system works?

My wife certainly does not. I have probably a second-echelon knowledge of the system, from studies and watching news reports carried here in Australia. As I explained the intricacies of the Iowa caucuses she finally said, "But, that's silly! Why don't people vote directly?"

Of course, the funny thing is that she and I agree.

In "the great democracy", the voting for who gets to be on the ballot paper is arcane and confusing.

Don't get me started on "voting machines". Don't be deflected by having a state-based voting decision; make it person-by-person! If you want true democracy, let EVERYONE, INDIVIDUALLY, decide on their own personal method of voting.

Or, make voting a truly national system! Put the 50+ different voting systems into a vote next election so that it'll be really obvious which gets the most votes. (Probably similar to California's suggestion... ?)


I opened this posting wanting to advise you that I had just noticed that it is only 380 days until George Walker Bush is a "feather duster". Silly me for thinking that is important, compared to Iowa or voting systems.

Our dinner table conversation also mentioned the mounting debt that the USA carries, and the loan default crisis (don't the media outlets love 'crisis') is set to raise the price of MY loan even though I'm half a world away.

Wouldn't Bush prefer to spend even a small part of the USA's additional military spending on helping Americans through this crisis, rather than the US$~8b a WEEK (yes, US$~8 billion a WEEK) propping up companies bent on assisting the military in Iraq and Afghanistan? NO. He would not! That's a good thing to do, and... hostilities are already over, as he said so immediately after the photo opportunity when he flew onto the aircraft carrier!


It's only MONEY... and DEMOCRACY....


Would you believe, I consider myself a 'conservative'? The worrying thing is that so does George W. Bush.

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