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The 'Birthday' Problem

A friend, who reads this site, is having a birthday 'today'. (Hi, M.)

So, how many people need to be in a room before there's a more-than-even chance that there will be two with the same birthday.


I should try it out some time: finding 22 other people I mean...

Which brings me to thinking about the meaning of birthdays. One of my sons turned 21 the other day. "It's just a day," was his take on it. Quite a revelation, that someone like him has 'devalued' the day for himself. In my day... 21 was a real milestone. In his case, he's getting together about a week later with a group of friends from high school and they are taking on what is in effect an "all-you-can-eat" restaurant in one of its most challenging meals. Not for me!

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