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Am I mistaken for a lathe, band saw, drill press, or sewing machine? Or, a PC?

I am a user of computer hardware; however, the software also matters.

An acquaintance of mine has recently commented in his blog that "I am NOT a PC".

"I guess the problem I have with the latest round of MS ads is its premise; "I am a PC" implies they are trying to align the human spirit with a piece of machinery. To me, a computer is nothing but a tool, mechanical leverage to assist us at work and home. To say you're a PC is like saying you're a lathe, band saw, drill press, or sewing machine. Although these are also useful tools, I don't think anyone wants to be mistaken for one. Although craftsmen tend to identify with the products they produce, they certainly do not see themselves as the tools or resources used to produce it. In other words, "I am a PC," is simply a preposterous concept and a horrible advertising slogan."

In this household, each 'main' computer runs M$ Windoze... BUT only the software for which I do not have to pay (i.e. the price could not be brought down further by specifying NOT to have Windoze installed; and, I have installed and various software -- Firefox and Thunderbird -- that completely replace M$ "pay-for" programs.)

Each 'play' computer runs a flavour of the Linux operating system (that replaces Windoze); and, in many cases, the Windoze computers also have a Linux system co-installed as an optional boot system.

So, I am NOT a PC, either.


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