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The real Julia Gillard

Credit: (AAP: Alan Porritt) at -- Caption: The Gillard 'salute' to journalists

Who is the real Julia Gillard? Well, she is wanting to be a popularly elected Prime Minister of Australia after the 2010 Australian Federal election. Actually, first, she first needs to be elected by the people of her own electorate: Lalor is a western-Melbourne electorate, and one in which I used to live so I consider that I have "skin in this game"...

Today, the "Priem Minrstr orv Orstaylia" (that's the Australian "strine" dialect, as spoken by Julia, for "Prime Minister of Australia") set a new agenda (or, should that be agendum?), and "threw out the book" on how to get herself and her party elected; she binned the "grey, faceless men" of the Australian Labor Party; she became the "new Julia".

Except, she is the same person who has been nasaling and 'strining' her way around the nation for the last 3 years as Deputy Prime Minister then laterly as Prime Minister after back-stabbing her predecessor, Kevin Rudd, just weeks ago. (Okay, so he did not contest the party-room election, after being told that she had the numbers the next day... after the Party's parliamentarians had been given just hours to consider the matter.)

So, who is the old Julia?
* A lawyer (almost inevitably, as the Australian Parliament is well over-represented by lawyers.)
* A spinster (famously, unmarried!, childless!, and a "woman of a certain age"), yet, she has a live-in male hair-dresser "significant other".
* A creation of the Australian union movement (but, is she a 'creature' of it?)

Who is the new Julia?
* A self-directed version of her formerly puppetry-managed self?
* A person who continues to say, "Hello, how are you?" while actually taking no interest in the answer that might come if she had not immediately moved on to the next person to say the same platitude?
* A women's magazine "tart"? (Okay the photo shoot and story was done before she called the election. Great timing, eh!)
* "Moving forward" (her slogan): So why will politicians give us platitudes? Is there NOTHING in the past that's worth moving towards? Why can't we turn back the clock on at least some things? Is the past such a scary place that we want nothing to do with it?
* Never seen doing anything more strenuous than not attending to the security of the nation.

So, would the new Julia be any different from the old Julia?

Give me three examples, or more, in any comment/reply.


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