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Black day: SOPA and PIPA Acts in USA's Congress

For the record...

I agree with the principled stand by USA-based organisations/companies/websites such as Wikipedia, reddit, the Free Software Foundation, Google, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, imgur, Mozilla, in their "black-out" on 18 January 2012 (US Eastern Standard).

Other websites have chosen to provide coverage, or make commentary, on the matter.

As said today, so eloquently (and, thanks!): "A message from sysadmins everywhere: Seriously, don't screw with DNS. If you break the internet we are not making you a new one."

Learn more:
EFF: One-page guide to SOPA
reddit: A technical overview of the SOPA and PIPA bills
DYN: How these bills would break DNS
EFF: Free speech on the web

Contact information for US elected officials

The "WVhillbilly" put it like this:

"SOPA/PIPA is burning the barn down to get rid of the rats.Three problems with this:

1 You lose the use of the barn

2 The rats just go elsewhere and infest some other barn

3 There are many and much better ways to get rid of rats than burning your barn down."

Note: This post is dated/timed just after the black-out ends.

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