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Bad manners, and bad mouthing

There are some things I do not understand, and there are others that I just 'get' right away.

And, in the latter category is that the bad-mannered and bad-mouthing Rush Limbaugh needs to get a serious lesson in public/social speech. And, in pulling their advertising, it appears that various companies are giving him that lesson.

He has recently been saying outrageous things about someone (Sandra Fluke) who is making serious social comment in a matter of public importance all over the globe and, in this case, the USA in particular: Women's health.

I urge you to be informed on this subject, and an interesting place to start is the Congressional speech: WOMEN'S HEALTH IN THE TWILIGHT ZONE (Ms Gwen Moore, Wisconsin).

Moore's speech is on the entirely calmer end of the debate, at which Rush Limbaugh is at the 'shrill' end.

In case it is not obvious, I entirely support the "Six questions for Rush Limbaugh about sex, promiscuity, and contraception" asked by William Saletan at Slate; and, I await, with no real expectation, the answers of Rush Limbaugh. On the basis of his mocking apology to Sandra Fluke, we can expect a further tirade while hoping for some level of extra contrition.

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