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2012-10-23 23:22:00

It might be just me, but I figure that, in the General Election, the incumbent, 44th President of the United states of America, President Barack Obama, has been "telling it like it is".

On the other hand, Mitt Romney, and I refuse to call him "Governor" as he was last that on.... um, 4 January 2007. Well over 5 years ago, so "get over" calling him 'Governor'! has been found to be telling some "porkies" (let's be clear, a "porkie" is a 'lie') and has been shown to be doing so even within the three Presidential debates.

So, what is happening, now?

There is a great amount of travel, to "swing States"; there is a great amount of media involvement and 'analysis'; there is "public opinion polling" on the part of the various candidates for the 2012 US General Election.

So, please, AT LEAST, vote! VOTE! VOTE. Once is enough!

But, I have no truck with anyone who does not vote and then complains. Those people are beyond consideration; beyond contempt!


I would say that this is your civic duty.

Some countries REQUIRE people to vote; can you imagine having to explain why you were so STUPID as to forget to vote when it was both your 'right' and your 'duty', and you would be fined by the government if you could not give a cogent excuse?

So, step out! or, as a company once said (in support of the contemptable Lance Armstrong, no less), "just do it".


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