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Get angry NOW about voting 'wrongs' (as opposed to 'rights') in the USA

Send an email to your current Congressional Representative and Senators, and especially their State counterparts, about the STINKY way that some jurisdictions are making voting a too long and drawn out process (Source: The Atlantic) for some voters this time around. Some times, some places, for some people, it has been a 7 hour wait. :-( !!!!

Your politicians, of any colour (blue, red, pink, polkadot, etc), need to know that you are not happy. So what if they are not re-elected; and, if they are, then you get to follow up in a week.

And, it also does not matter if your state is fine with its voting methods; you just need them to know that they can try this at the peril of SOMEONE WATCHING ALREADY.


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