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So far we've heard from two witnesses, one we didn't like and one we didn't believe. Oh, there was no discussion at the time, but after we got the case a few days later, we opened up on them. We did like the prosecutor, although we didn't think he did a very good job. We were sort of mystified by the defense attorney, but we kind of loved his witnesses. They were the most likable people we met during the trial.

The prosecutor's third witness was Casper, also the third person who lived in the house where the incident took place. Like Lucy, he heard but didn't see the tires being popped and the garage door being kicked in. The two of them had been watching television on the living room couch, but she had dozed off and he was wandering back and forth between that room and the garage, where he was tinkering with his car. Just a typical Thursday night in the suburbs.

When he heard the first sounds, he ran to the garage, because he thought someone was in there. That's what he told us, anyway. We allowed for the possibility that he thought the garage was the safest place to be while bad things were going down outside. At least Lucy had said she saw a shadow running down the street afterward, although she could only identify it as the figure of a man. Casper did see Satchel come down in his boxers and then, after getting dressed, take off after the perpetrator, in what turned out to be the wrong direction, according to Lucy's description of where she saw the shadow.

Casper's relationship with Lucy was a relatively new one. He had seen the defendant on a few occasions but didn't really know him. He hadn't moved in until Spike was out of the picture (or so everyone thought). But he was able to confirm that Spike had been prowling around the house for weeks, and he saw the texts Spike sent to Lucy that night.


Casper's testimony was brief and his manner reserved. In other words, he was the opposite of Lucy. If we were allowed to speculate at all at this point in the trial, it might have been about Lucy's taste in men. She had just broken up with an abusive stalker, and now she was with a guy who ran in the opposite direction of the stalker's latest attack. If we didn't believe Lucy feared for her life, we could easily believe it of Casper. Not that we were allowed to hold that against him, of course.

After the first three defense witnesses, it would be almost a relief to hear from the two police officers. They were the only ones who didn't contradict themselves and answered every question with precision and clarity. They arrived on the scene after the damage was done, but they're next up.

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