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Cool beans, touche, whatever

If you ever believed that someone on Survivor could forget they're playing the game (and what's at stake), you saw it played out tonight on One World. I've seen it season after season on Big Brother, but those people are stuck in a house together all summer. It only took Kat 31 days to get to the point where a couple of hours with friends (who aren't really her friends) meant more than a million dollars. But then, she's only 22. Did she mention that?

When Kat won the loved one Reward Challenge she didn't give a second thought to Tarzan, whose love story with his wife is apparently one for the ages (and also "a quantum entanglement"), or Christina, whose father had a kidney transplant and has only a few years to live. She wanted to get drunk with Kim and Alicia because they would have fun together. Little did she know what that fun would cost her. She didn't know because she didn't think. At all. It was a knee-jerk decision when some strategic thought was called for.

And let's face it. Even a 22-year-old with an immature brain has no excuse not to have a fully functioning heart.

Sabrina had been the consensus target since the previous Tribal Council. She's perceived as strong and likeable and persuasive. Kat would probably not have been a threat in front of the jury, because she hasn't played the game in a way that attracts votes. She's been a lightweight coattail player, and even when she proclaims that she doesn't want to be seen as weak, she makes weak moves, or no moves at all.

And this wasn't the first time Kat has done well in an endurance challenge. She nearly won this one (and did win the Reward Challenge). She could have coasted through more challenges and taken the place of someone more deserving in the finale. It took some time for Kim and her minions to come to that conclusion, after Kim edged her out in the Immunity Challenge. But in the end all the votes were for Kat to go. About a minute after she had told Jeff that blindsides are fun, she was blindsided. She left in tears. No fun for Kat, but she'll be the queen of Jury Island for a couple of days.

Getting rid of the threats in whatever order they can is the mission that Kim and company should be on, and Sabrina would be a good target. However, if they think Tarzan is no threat, they should take a look at the jury and see that there are already five men on it. That's a majority, and none of them has anything against Tarzan. They all have the collective votes of the women to thank for their exits from the game.


Since the judges were so wrong on most of the American Idol performances tonight, here's what I thought. Skylar's performance of "Fortunate Son" was the same Skylar performance we get every week, like something out of a Disney Country Jamboree. But it was still better than what she did with "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me." What she did was suck all the soul out of one of the great R&B songs ever written.

Hollie had a decent night, but on "River Deep, Mountain High" she mostly proved that her voice was big enough to stand out above an overproduced track. And "Bleeding Love" is such a great song that it deserves a better performance than she's capable of. That said, she totally outsang the other two girls on their trio of "Higher and Higher."

Phillip's version of "The Letter" was phan-phreaking-tastic (melody or not). He took a song from way before he was born and transformed it into something he could relate to. But he was horrible on "Time of the Season," straining for notes that he couldn't quite find. That was by far his worst performance ever. It was painful to listen to at times.

Jessica has been slipping backwards in recent weeks but had one of her best performances on "You Are So Beautiful," a gold mine of a song for her particular vocal talents. But "Proud Mary" didn't work at all.

Joshua was excellent on "Ain't to Proud to Beg," and incredible on "To Love Somebody." The judges got that one right, even if they went a little overboard. He's a very good singer, but maybe not the best singer in the last fifty years. That's a bit hard to swallow, and it only detracts from how much he stood out tonight. He was the only one to put together two strong performances.

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