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It's possible (for me, anyway) to blame anyone for anything, simply by following enough "if-then" statements to their logical (or illogical) conclusions. I can easily trace back the cause of my groceries spilling out of their bags (canvas, of course) all over my trunk this morning to what happened nine years ago, when I bought my car.

The dealer promised to give me a net that would stretch across the trunk to hold things like grocery bags in place. I went back for it several times. They kept promising, but that's as far as it ever went. Now here I am, nine years later, with groceries all over the trunk. It's a good thing no bottles or jars broke, or... or... or... Well, you don't want to know what I might do. But it would be really, really bad, I can assure you of that.

And speaking of that nine-year-old car, today it emitted one of the saddest sounds known to any driver. It wasn't the sputtering of the engine or the squeaking of the brakes or the grinding of a gear. No, the car itself works perfectly, like new. Better, in fact, since you might recall that it spent most of the first two months after I bought it back at the dealer for various problems. I haven't had any of those problems since then. In fact, I can hardly remember what they were.

But today, upon the occasion of making my first left-hand turn of the day, I heard the rapid clicking that let me know that the left turn signal light had burned out. I have just enough experience with this to recognize that sad sound immediately. Unfortunately, I also have enough experience with this situation to know that it would be useless for me to try to replace the bulb myself. I tried once and failed exactly as many times as I tried. No need to go two for two, as I already have enough failure on my resume.

The car isn't due for its next scheduled service until next month. I think I can get by until then, as long as I make mostly right turns.
5 June 2012

Fields, trees, clouds.

See? There's always a solution to even the direst of problems, if you only have the ingenuity to ignore them. I have been working around my weaknesses and phobias all my life and have survived into my seventh decade without having to know a bunch of things I didn't want to learn. It took me until my fifth or sixth decade before I even pumped my own gas, so this here? Ain't no thang.

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