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For a Montuesday,* today wasn't so bad. It's not one of my favorite days, so I'm glad we only have a half-dozen or so of them a year. Since I got my usual Monday work in yesterday, despite (or maybe because of) the holiday, I wasn't overwhelmed with the start of a short week.

*I saw that on Twitter. I didn't make it up.

On this particular Montuesday, I even got my marketing done and bantered with the checkout guy about the store's remodel. I told him it was a bit more of an adventure to shop there than I really like, and he said it's no picnic working there right now, either. Anyway, I had a "Life is Good" T-shirt on, so I couldn't really complain without looking like a hypocrite.

Unlike last time, I didn't get lost in the store this trip, and I found almost everything on my list. My only real complaint is that one of the fluorescent lights above the natural food section had burned out and it was eerily dark in that area. And some of the signage hasn't been updated, so I had to remember from last time where they'd moved the pickles. And they were out of the brand of soy milk I like, so I had to buy a different one. It's just one thing after another, and all obviously designed to make my life more difficult.


Have I told you about the time I stared down the wolf? That's not even a metaphor! The gray wolf that comes around in the evenings was standing in the back of my garden when I took out the garbage a while back. Standing still and staring straight at me. As soon as I realized it, I broke eye contact -- not because I was afraid, but because I didn't want to spook the creature.

Nothing happened. It was just kind of awesome. The wolf was still there when I came back in, but when I looked out the window a few minutes later, it was gone.


It was odd on a weekday to find myself almost at loose ends. There were things I could have done, but nothing that had to be done, at least not today. I'm even between Netflix shipments, so I couldn't watch a DVD (at least not one I hadn't seen before). Hmmm. . . Maybe that's what I should have done. Maybe I should have taken advantage of the day of tranquility to watch The Sixth Sense for the sixth time, or Close Encounters for the third time.

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